Rush Hour in the Desert

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So after a week away in the United Arab Emirates I've come back a bit browner and with a new move under my belt. 

I was called out for a stunt job with a coordinator I had the opportunity to work for last year. It's always nice to be called back, especially as a relatively new member to the British Stunt Register, it feels like a good nod at the work I put in before and it feels good. A little reassurance that things are going in the right direction.

I was out there with a fellow stunty who's back ground is capoeira... so what better time to get some private tuition, pool side!

I'm not sure what the move is called, and I don't know why I've never tried it before. After a quick 2 minute tutorial and a couple attempts I've got it pretty much down. As always there are levels and degrees of control that I'll be building on to open up more options for it, as with any new movement. But for now it feels very satisfying to have a new tool to play with.

Keep on monkeying around friends!


When the Sun Shines

Few things in the realm of looking after your health and fitness are as pleasurable as soaking up the sunshine while you play! This week I took full advantage of the weather we've been having here in London... and it felt so good!

I can't remember the last time i bothered with sit-ups. These days I much holding holding various positions and poses, removing points of support and stability and testing my balance.

The rings came out again for the 'Summer Movement Session' on Sunday Morning. I introduced the guys to some basic shoulder stability drills and the feeling of hanging upside down a little way off the floor. The goals is to build up strength and technique to get everyone doing muscle-ups for reps by the the end of the summer!

Then we hit up some more 'core' training. Not what most of you think it might be. There's no 30 second planks in this session. We get our hands much dirtier than that. Crawling patterns, learning to contact the ground with our hands and feet as we move across the open space. 

I set up my gym in Priory Park near Crouch End, North London. The only equipment needed is a set of gymnastic rings, a little chalk and some tunes. On the menu for my mid week session were muscle-up variations, Ido Portal's ring routine (which is a part of the online training I've been doing with him and his team), squat mobility drills and some 'alternative' planking.

I welcome the odd looks we get from people out on their Sunday walks. I guess I'm bit of a shameless peacock in that sense. But in my defence, it makes me accountable for the training I'm doing. It pushes me to train harder. To work and not quit.

If you're interested in doing some training, please message me in the comments or directly via email. 

Enjoy the sunshine everyone.